The Real Iris Gonzalez

I’m a writer who loves telling readers stories about things that matter.

I was the kid who played dollhouse with friends and decided we needed multi-act plays with juicy parts for everyone.

Now, I cover the latest in technology, cybersecurity, bioscience, and engineering innovation in San Antonio’s startup community. I hope you will check out Startups San Antonio for the latest news about the groundbreaking companies in the Alamo City.

You can check out my adventures traveling alone across Cuba in 2014 while you’re here. As a first-generation Cuban American, it was my opportunity to experience the Cuba I had heard about in so many stories from my family.

Want to know why I’m the real Iris Gonzalez? Read this post about all the imposters over the years!

Hire Me

I also help startup founders with writing support. From developing a winning pitch to ghostwriting your article, I know how to help busy professionals tell their stories. If you need help, reach out to me!

I work with busy CEOs on everything from redoing their LinkedIn profile, crafting the perfect pitch, helping founders attract media attention, to writing customized content for them. You can see the spectrum of writing and consulting I’ve done on my LinkedIn profile.

Please take a look at my writer portfolio and reach out if you are interested in my help, have questions, or maybe even some ideas for a collaboration.

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