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I publish the latest news about the innovation landscape in San Antonio at www.StartupsSanAntonio.com. This dedicated coverage about San Antonio entrepreneurs working in the science, technology, cybersecurity, and bioscience sectors translates into over 400 stories to date since launching in early 2018.

I also freelance regularly for enterprise companies and ghostwrite for busy CEOs and startup founders. I can help you develop a winning pitch, craft actionable content for your website, and even ghostwrite an article in your style and tone of voice.

To hire me as a freelancer contact me for a free consult and let’s see how I can help you.

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The Small Business Administration (SBA) awarded me the 2020 award for Small Business Media Advocate of the Year. The SBA’s San Antonio district spans across 55 counties within Texas.

The Texas Veterans Commission awarded me the Excellence in Media (Print) award in 2017 for my story about veterans.

Below are representative articles I’ve published over the past five years.

San Antonio Business Journal

I freelance for the SABJ occasionally. Take a look at my most recent work.

2019 Family-Owned Business Awards: La Familia Cortez wins inaugural Corazón de San Antonio Award

The Rivard Report

A contributing writer from 2015 to 2017, I wrote 200 articles for the Rivard Report, an independent, online news service based in San Antonio, Texas. My archive of online reporting can be viewed here.

I’ve listed representative stories in the categories of topics I covered —technology, cybersecurity, bioscience, military, and veterans affairs, with some arts and culture thrown in for good measure.

Technology and Cybersecurity

‘WannaCry’—what is ransomware and how to protect yourself

San Antonio’s Office of Innovation and its efforts to become a ‘Smart City’

USAA is an innovative technology company that happens to provide insurance, financial services

One hotel resort tests how Amazon’s Alexa can enhance the guest experience

UTSA explains how to detect ‘astroturfing’ online


How neuroscience is now able to ‘hack your dreams’

San Antonio researcher wins award for groundbreaking cancer research

InCell world-class facility for biomanufacturing

Health equity—what it is and how racism impacts upon public health

San Antonio Methodist Hospital leads nation in live-donor kidney transplants

Military and Veterans Affairs

Fort Sam’s Caisson Unit and how they bid service members “the final farewell”

Wearing a red poppy on Memorial Day: Gold Star parents share their stories

Kelly Airfield, cradle of early military aviation, turns 100 years old

What veterans wished civilians understood about the veteran experience (won Texas Veterans Commission 2017 Excellence in Media award)

Fifteen years since 9/11: legal ambiguities, drone wars, and the never-ending battle against terrorism

Arts and Culture

A story about six Cuban artists from Cienfuegos, Cuba and the exhibition of their art at Bihl Haus

My day bottling one of the world’s best bourbons at Garrison Brothers Distillery

Contemporary aboriginal art collection at San Antonio Museum of Art stunning in its depth, breadth

San Antonio Woman Magazine

I wrote for San Antonio Woman and 78209 magazines from 2016 to 2018. I typically wrote profiles on different female business owners, as well as contribute the sustainable gardening story and profile different local restaurants.

Business Profiles

Women break the glass ceiling in nontraditional careers

The PM Group has a culture of giving

Four women go beyond the flip in real estate

Local professionals talk about accounting and love of numbers

San Antonio is the best city for female business owners

Women in commercial real estate share their secrets

Women in law know the rules

Top stylists share common skills

Sustainable Gardening and Restaurants

A progressive dinner party can be easy and fun

South Texas summer crops can be ornamental and tasty

Five steps to a cleaner diet

Eat clean this holiday season

Begin 2018 with a unique food plan

Biga on the Banks delivers elegant dining

Flowering spring plants that are edible, too

Tui Steppi Osteria delights diners

Permaculture for the home gardener

Edible San Antonio Magazine

I have written for Edible San Antonio since 2015 on local issues about food, sustainability, and local food culture. There is no online archive on their website. Here’s some clips of past stories:

New food delivery service debuts in San Antonio

Finding the perfect Cuban mojito in Havana

Cuban mojito recipe from same article, June-July 2015 issue